Things to Do Near the Ryebeck Millerground and Adelaide Hill Walk

This circular walk on the outskirts of Bowness is a great walk for families as there are plenty of distractions along the way. It also has the best access to Windermere along the whole of the eastern shore.

Access to this walk is via a gate leading off Rayrigg Meadow, the route itself is well sign posted. Walk through the gate and follow the path down to the lake shore. As you follow the follow the path you will pass several pillow like structures, these are the concrete remains of a WW2 anti-aircraft gun emplacement, built to protect the Shorts Sunderland flying boat factory further along the shoreline.

Once you meet the water’s edge turn left and walk along the shoreline. Along the way make sure you keep your eyes peeled for a large boulder with a small plaque to its face. This marks where the Dowager Queen Adelaide (widow of King William IV and Queen Victoria’s aunt) came ashore during her visit on 26th July 1840 to admire the views. (She also gave her name to the Australian city of Adelaide).

Follow the path northwards, passing two sets of jetties, the first is open to the public, the other further along the lake is private and was originally the home of the now defunct Windermere Bathing Pools. As you continue along the path you will come to a 17th century property with a small bell tower, known as Lower Millerground Cottage, which is believed to have been the home of a local ferryman who plied his trade taking people across the lake if they rang the bell.

At this point the footpath leaves the lake and climbs up a slight gradient following Wynlass Beck and its lovely waterfalls (especially after heavy rain). The route takes you up Adelaide Hill, where stunning views across Lake Windermere can be enjoyed before arriving back at Rayrigg Road.

A Great Day Out in Bowness-on-Windermere

Key Information

  • 20-minute, 1.3-mile walk
  • Lleave an hour if you really want to enjoy the views

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Millerground and Adelaide Hill Walk


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